3 Reasons You Need Your Own Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

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Fruit Infuser Water BottleAn infusion water bottleis a type of bottle that allows you to add elements to your water so that it can steep and absorb the flavor of those elements throughout the day. This might include fruit, tea bags, liquid vitamins, herbs and spices, or anything else you might add to make your water uniquely your own.

There are many advantages to carrying such a bottle for yourself and why you should invest in one rather than buying bottled water, even those with fruit juices and vitamins added. Consider some of those reasons here.

1. You’ll drink more water.

One reason why many people don’t drink enough water is that they simply don’t have water around them. It can be too much effort to get up and walk to a drinking fountain when in the office or to pour a glass of water every few hours at home.

When you carry your own fruit infuser water bottle with you at all times, you’re compelled to drink more water throughout the day. In turn you’ll be hydrated, will feel full so you’re less likely to snack, and will flush out toxins from your system. Water also keeps your cells healthy so you have more energy throughout the day.

2. You’ll enjoy the healthy benefits of fruit.

Fruit contains vitamins and trace minerals that everyone needs for good health, and they’re a good source of antioxidants that keep every cell of your body healthy. Not many people eat enough fruit, or they may eat so much that they gain weight because of all the sugar it contains.

When you carry your own fruit infuser water bottle you can add just enough fruit or fruit juice to get those healthy vitamins and minerals but without the added sugar. You aren’t getting the sugar of bottled fruit juices either, as these usually have sugar or corn syrup added for flavor. With your own bottle you can adjust the amount of fruit you have every day so you’re healthy but not gaining weight.

3. You can add liquid vitamins for maximum effectiveness.

When you take vitamins in pill form, they need to be broken down in the digestive system and then absorbed into the body by way of the bloodstream. This causes them to lose their effect. Liquid vitamins are much more effective because they’re much more potent. They are almost immediately absorbed into your system and maintain their full potency, so you get more of those vitamins and trace minerals delivered to your cells and not wasted in your digestive system.

You can add liquid vitamins or other supplements and enjoy maximum health benefits. Rather than wasting money on pills that only break down in your digestive system, you can get your vitamins the best way possible. In turn you’ll look and feel better every single day.

Author: John

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