7 Beautiful Ways to Use String Lights Aside from Christmas Lighting

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The prevalence of string lights usually skyrocket during Christmas time as the demand for decorative lights increases dramatically. In fact, as of Christmas 2011, Americans have been spending upwards of six billion dollars each year on Christmas lights, many of which are string lights. These lights are very desirable due to the enchanting ambiance they create and the feelings of festivity they help to evoke. Fairy Star Lights uses LED (light emitting diodes) string lights which are held in high regard due to the fact that they are more energy efficient and longer lasting than many other lights. As such, fairy lights are very versatile and can provide a myriad of other decorating possibilities besides Christmas decorations. I’m sure you knew that, right? In case you didn’t know, however, here are seven beautiful ways you can use fairy lights, except for Christmas decorations.

String Lights

  1. Halloween Lights:As one of the most popular annual celebrations on the calendar, Halloween time, like Christmas, also includes the use of lights to create the right atmosphere, albeit for a more macabre effect. While there are designated lights for Halloween night, fairy lights, especially those using LED bulbs, can perform the same functions and may work out to be more affordable. This is because these lights can be combined with many of the items and props used at Halloween. The bulbs are cool to the touch and many of them are made with waterproof cords, thereby making them suitable for interior and exterior use. In terms of decorating, they can be combined with props made from paper, plastic, fabric, wood and many other materials which may be dangerous to use with other decorative string lights. This Halloween, drape some of these lights around a haunting sign or image to add some eerie ambiance to your setting.
  2. Decorative Wedding Lights: When it comes on to weddings and the use of lights, magical is the word that comes to mind. Using string lights at such events can help to achieve a magical look that is unforgettable to all parties involved. Just think about the resulting pictures with hundreds and even thousands of glowing, tiny lights offsetting the background. The effect can be even more dramatic if the ceremony is kept during the night at an outdoor setting such as the beach or a picturesque botanical garden. Consider using the string lights to accentuate focal points such as gazebos, trellises, trees and shrubs along with decorating the guests’ tables. Also, you can use these lights to set up light canopies over the area where the couple says their ‘I Dos’, over the dancing area or where the guests are seated.
  3. Party Lights: No party is complete without suitable lights. Whether for a birthday party, slumber party or a neighborhood house party, string lights can not only help to provide interesting lighting possibilities but can help to form the main theme of the party. As mentioned before, these lights, by virtue of their design, can be used in areas and with items not suitable for other string decorative lights. As such, they can be used to convey almost any lighting idea that can be achieved with string lights. Whether the party is being kept indoors or outdoors, for kids or adults, these lights can be used to produce the right look and feel.
  4. Accent Lights: Need to highlight a stunning piece of artwork, light up a dark corner or stylize a large mirror? String lights will work perfectly for such projects and then some. Many of them are made with very flexible cables, allowing them to be easily wound up, wrapped around and attached to objects and surfaces. Imagine rolling up a strand of string lights, placing it in a large hurricane vase or jar and leaving it glowing in a dark corner. You could also use them to line the bedroom mirror of a teenager, string along the length of a staircase, border a window, behind a sheer curtain, wrapped around a decorative headboard or to highlight a sculpted piece of art.
  5. Garden/Patio and Outdoor Lights: Having tea out on the terrace is a contended point of the day which many homeowners look forward to. Such areas can be made even cozier by decorating with string lights that help to create a warm and cheery atmosphere. Consider wrapping a few strands around your favorite potted plants or making a centerpiece for your patio table with a Mason jar or vase filled with glowing lights. The lights can even be used by themselves to provide the main lighting for the area.
  6. Playful Children’s Room Lights: Children are fascinated with lights, hence their fascination with Christmas. Using these tiny lights in their bedrooms can help to keep them happy and cheerful, not just because the lights are associated with Yuletide but also because of their lively nature. Additionally, some children for whatever reason, are scared of dark areas in their rooms such as under their beds, inside closets and behind furniture. Fairy lights can be used to gently light these areas to take away their fears and insecurities about such areas. Apart from that, they can be used like regular lights but with way more pizzazz that children will definitely appreciate.
  7. Adult Concepts: Instead of the traditional candlelight, string lights can be used to add sensuality and intimacy to any space. Having a cozy dinner for two? Create a stunning centerpiece using fairy lights and flowers that will help to spark conversation about someone’s creativity. Also, the lights can be used to add the right amount of light to a bedroom to create the right atmosphere or they can be used in a bath or Jacuzzi area to help stir the feelings of desire. String lights can be used almost anywhere so feel free to let your imagination run wild.

String Lights

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