Advantages of Thermos Flasken Coffee Thermos Stainless Steel

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Coffee Thermos Stainless SteelAre you a coffee lover – someone who has to have at least one drink of coffee per day?  If you are, then an ideal bottle you need to have with you is Thermos Flasken’s stainless steel coffee thermos.  These are perfect for traveling with your own freshly brewed coffee to work, school or wherever.  Even if you are not a frequent coffee drinker, you will find this thermos useful for any type of beverage.

Stainless steel coffee thermos is the most versatile portable bottle there is today.  Unlike glass or plastic bottles they can be used with either hot or cold beverages.  The premium thermoses are designed to suit different needs and uses.  The premium thermoses

Safe for use with hot and cold beverage

The chrome-finish slim bottle features a wide opening, allowing you to be able to put ice cubes, soups or small foods in it with ease.  This wide opening also makes it easy to reach inside and get it completely cleaned.

The stainless steel bottle also has a tight sealed cover cap to maintain freshness and to prevent spills while traveling.  Despite the wide opening, the thermos has a push valve stopper which means you do not have to have to use the wide opening.

The coffee thermos stainless steel by Thermos Flasken has tightly closed caps that prevent leakage so you don’t have to worry about getting burned from your hot beverage while the bottle is closed.

Spill proof

The valve stopper that comes with the thermos helps to stream the liquid as you pour it out.  So, if your beverage is hot, it will less likely burn you when you pour it through the push valve stopper.  This is perfect for those of you who have weak hands or nerves issues.

The good thing is that you don’t have to worry about the steam rising up when you push the valve which is also insulated.  All you need to do to open this stopper is to push the valve and it makes pouring pretty easy.

Regular coffee cups are dangerous to walk around with.  Just imagine accidently bumping into someone while carrying a disposable coffee cup, there would likely be a spill where someone might get burned and your clothes might get soiled.  This kind of accident would not occur with Thermos Flasken stainless steel coffee thermoses because they are tight sealed when closed.

Large capacity

The coffee thermos stainless steel can hold up to 34 ounces of liquid, that’s 1 liter.  This gives you power in your hand for hours.  Imagine a cold winter day with this amount of hot chocolate right by your side.  Or better yet, a hot summer day at the gym with the thermos filled with ice cold water, rehydrating drink or protein shake.  Bliss!  This thermos holds just the right amount you need for the day.

Long lasting

Most thermoses claim to be vacuum tight enough to keep your beverages hot or cold for hours, but they usually go up to like five hours and then you lose the freshness.  This is especially not good for carrying water, juice, tea or milk for babies.  And, if you are a coffee lover, you will realize that your coffee still has the freshly brewed taste that you love, even by the time second cup for the day.  Thermos Flasken’s coffee thermosstainless steel keep your beverages hot/cold and fresh for 18 hours.

In addition to being a great carrier for liquids and soups and so on, the stainless steel thermos is very economical.  Since it is reusable it saves you money from buying disposable cups or other types on containers which you would need to change out after a few uses.  The stainless quality is durable and can serve for a years without going bad!  The thermos is pretty much unbreakable. It was evidently made to withstand the demands and rigors of daily use.

The black and chrome thermos has a sleek and slim design that fits any occasion or outfit.   The stylish stainless steel coffee thermos is sturdy and very convenient for travelling.  It is much more reliable than the regular plastic bottles and other travel thermoses that claim to keep your coffee fresh for hours, which usually means about 3 hours.  This stainless steel coffee thermos by Thermos Flasken, which is made available through Amazon, is renowned as a safe and efficient bottle for carrying hot and cold beverages.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of having a stainless steel thermos, you can consider your options when you go to pick up a reusable travelling bottle for you coffee and other beverages.

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Author: John

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