Aluminum Foil vs BBQ Shield Grill Mat

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Grill MatGrilling is one of the best activities that families enjoy doing. It may be during picnics, a family gathering in the backyard, on camping trips; grilling is an experience where Americans enjoy delicious food together with friends, relatives and neighbors.

The word grill refers to cooking food directly over a source of dry heat typically with the food sitting on a metal grate that leaves “grill marks”. It is usually done outdoors on charcoal grills or gas grills. But due to some health concerns, in connection with grilling, people use different barbecue tools to evade carcinogens caused by high temperatures when grilling. Thus, people use aluminum foil as another alternative to placing food directly on their grates. But aside from aluminum foil, there is a growing following of grillers using BBQ grill mats.  BBQ grill mats are a much better alternative than aluminum foil. Below are some points that one should consider when comparing the use of aluminum foil to the easy to use BBQ Shield Grill Mat.

Spills/breakdown of Surface

When someone grills using aluminum foil, there is a possibility that exposure to the high temperatures associated with grilling can cause a breakdown of the aluminum foil surface creating the possibility of oil and juices falling onto the coals below. But when using the grill mat by BBQ Shield, one is ensured that there will be no spills due to breakage or cracks on the surface. BBQ Shield’s grill mat is fire resistant and safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. It is durable and made of from PTFE coated fiberglass ensuring no spilling of food, sauces, juices and oils through the grate into the fire/coal area below… preventing flare ups.


Using grill mats is more economical than using aluminum foil. BBQ Shield provides two grill mats in each package. They can be used a hundred times over and won’t easily wear out if used properly. Initially aluminum foil may seem cheaper than owning BBQ grill mats but continuing to purchase foil over-and-over again is not economical at all. You only have to purchase BBQ grill mats once. It is also easy to clean by washes off in the sink or putting them on the tops shelf of your dishwasher.

Safety/Health issues

When you grill food that is high in acid and use aluminum foil to wrap it, there is an interaction happening with the acid and the foil that may cause small amount of aluminum to enter into the food. Making the food not safe to eat. When you use a BBQ grill mat grilling acidic food will not be a problem. It keeps food juicy, delicious and healthy to eat and ensure that there will be no residue to worry about that may migrate during the grilling process.

The above points are just a few to consider when comparing aluminum to BBQ Shield’s grilling mats. For your own safety and peace of mind, it is evident that the grill mat by BBQ Shield has many advantages over aluminum foil. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Author: John

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