Block Cold or Hot Air with Door Draft Stopper

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Under Door Draft Stopper which is 37 inches 1.4 pounds –

* SAVE MONEY – Be energy efficient with this under door draft stopper that will block the cold air (or hot air) from entering under your door.

* FITS STANDARD DOORS – 37″ length – perfect fit for standard 36″ door.

*NOTE*: Works best with doors that are flush to the ground (like product description picture) and not “raised”. If your door looks like the picture, then it will fit perfectly.

Door Draft Stopper

* HEAVY & DURABLE – Each door draft guard for under door weighs 1.4 lbs made with heavy duty cloth covering, extremely durable and long lasting.

Visit the website of Door Draft Stopper:


Order now and get a free Bonus storage bag to discreetly put away draft door stopper when not in use!

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Author: John

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