Choose Wisely – Not All Fruit Baskets with Banana Hanger are Equal

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Banana HangerFruit baskets are ideally used for storing or gifting a delightful collection of seasonal fruits. They come in varying sizes, color and shape. Sending fruits as a gift is a great idea, but sending the goodies in an elegantly designed and sturdily built basket come trumps idea that can be used for a long time. When selecting a fruit basket, you need to pay attention to the key factors such functionality, construction material, and durability!

A unit that offers more than just specific storage for your fruits is a great buy. The fruit basket with banana hanger from NaturalsOnly is a perfect example of a unit that makes PERFECT sense. Whether you’re purchasing for yourself or as gift, this piece is a wonderful collector’s item. Here are a few attributes that makes the piece stand out for customers, so much so that since its recent introduction to the market, they’ve given it a 5-star rating on, and it earned the best seller tag during the promotions.


Some fruit baskets are best used for sending nice firm fruits as a gift, but do not double as the most practical storage and display unit for your countertop. They are bulky, take up a bit of space, and fruits have to be packed atop each other, resulting in some at the bottom ripening and getting squashed. NaturalsOnly’s fruit basket is cleverly designed with two layers for ripening and storing fruits.

The large 11.5-diameter fruit bowl allows you to easily arrange and store fruits in an attractive manner. It can accommodate as much as a 3lb bag of apples. Arrange a lovely mixture of fruits  then polish off your handy job with a few golden bananas or a bunch of juicy grapes hanging from the banana hanger. The built-in hook makes it possible to store bananas and save extra countertop space. This prevents the bananas from bruising, and they last longer. The unique ball shaped feet protects your table or countertop from scratches.

One customer offered that, “I Love the design it holds a lot of fruits. This basket adds decor to the kitchen and i like banana hook. Fruits stay fresh for long time.”

Construction material

NaturalsOnly’s fruit basket with banana hanger is sturdily built from chrome metal wire. It is easy to clean and durable. The basket has a shiny metal finish, which allows it to blend in naturally with any kitchen décor while still standing out and holding its own. The hook is a continuous piece of the metal, it is not welded on, and therefore will not weaken and break off overtime.


Chrome metal wire is strong and durable, so you will have your elegant basket to use for a long time.

NaturalsOnly is presently running a deal, allowing customers who purchase two or more of the items to enjoy free shipping. That’s double savings for those who will be getting a few baskets as Christmas gifts. They also make great gift items for newlyweds and new homeowners. If you’re going to give gifts this Christmas, why not give something that is functional, durable, elegantly built, will save space and help promote a healthy lifestyle, yet inexpensive.

Author: John

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