Credit Card Holders from BRYK Enterprises Prevents Card Cloning

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Credit Card HolderHave you ever received a call from your bank or credit card issuer that sent you into panic mode, causing your heart to race or seem to stop altogether? The caller on the other end of the line just revealed to you that you have an evil twin who has gained access to your account via a duplicate/cloned credit card, and has gone on a spending spree racking up huge bills in your name. That can be a nerve racking experience for anyone.

You are about to get some insight into the importance of storing your card in a high quality credit card holder that is designed to protect your personal information from prying electromagnetic waves.

This is the age of plastic! The cashless era! Everybody uses credit and debit cards, even those who were never legally issued one. Why apply for credit cards and rack up changes in your own name, spending your own money, when you can simply capture the information of other credit card holders, build yourself a duplicate of their card, and piggyback on their bank accounts? This must be thought pattern of identity thieves and fraudsters such as Carlos Lomax who stole the identities of actor Will Smith, and former Atlanta Hawks basketballer Steve Smith. Lomax defrauded his victims, including American Express, of thousands of dollars before he was caught.

RFID Chips – The Technology Behind It All

Modern credit cards have imbedded in them, a chip that contains the personal information of the card holder. This chip is driven by what is known as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. The chip can only be activated and read by an electromagnetic wave scanner. This happens each time you wave your credit card in front of a reader, but it can also be activated without your knowledge, and while it’s still in your wallet. advises that, “You might not know it, but you could have a credit or debit card that uses a tiny computer chip and a radio antenna to transmit account information from your card—even when you’re not shopping.”

Identity thieves travel with a portable RFID reader that activates and captures information from the credit card of unsuspecting individuals. All they have to do is get within a certain range, sometimes even brushing up on people. They then return to their base with the day’s catch, and proceed to duplicate or clone the credit cards of the unfortunate whose information was captured. notes that, “It’s as easy as transferring the skimmed card data onto a blank magnetic-stripe card.” With an estimated 35 million contactless chip cards in circulation in the United States, identity thieves have a field day.

Christian Cawley of shared his experience, “Speaking personally, I had a credit card cloned back in 2007 at a popular pizza restaurant chain in the UK – by a member of the serving staff. When I next checked my balance I saw that I had been shopping in Liverpool later that day – a good 100 miles away from where I ate the pizza.”

Every credit card owner, once they fail to use an effective credit card holder, is vulnerable to this kind of fraud.  One of the top rated credit card holder is the  RFID wallet from BRYK Enterprises.


It apparently does not take much to create a counterfeit credit card. The truth is, it does not take much to protect yourself either. The credit card holders from BRYK Enterprises are very affordable, even more so as they are now on special. If individuals are to protect their identity, they must be proactive and use the right tools to do so.


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About BRYK Enterprises, LLC

BRYK is a premium brand of products, focusing on both men and women RFID protection accessories. BRYK supplies its products from some of the top manufacturing facilities in the world. It was founded in Chantilly, VA in 2013 by Bryan Eklund.


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