DIY Room Decor

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Courtesy of: LagunaBeachLove10

Learn these DIY Room Decor

1. Floral Decoration = Water Bubbles + Containter/Vase + Food Coloring + Real/Fake Flowers + Pair of Scissors

DIY Room Decor

*Add water bubbles into the container
*Add few drops of food coloring to the water bubbles
*Mix the food coloring and water bubbles
*Rinse off the excess
*Line up flowers next to the container to measure how long you need them to be
*Cut the flowers (repeat the process for all the flowers)
*Bend the bottom of each flower just so they will stand in the base
*Arrange the flowers however you want them

2. Perfume Tray = Silver Tray/Plate + Candle Stick Holder + Glue

DIY Room Decor

*Add a layer of glue to the top of your candle stick holder
*Place candle stick holder in the middle of the plate
*Let it dry

3. Illuminating Candle Holder = Glass Container + Accent Gems + Candle

DIY Room Decor

*Add gems to the bottom as a base
*Add candle
*Add gems all around the candle up to the top

Author: John

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