DIY Storage Solutions

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do it yourself storage solutions
Organize your craft supplies (or anything!) in style with these cute and easy DIY storage solutions!!

1. Make your own lazy susan by using 2 round baking pans of same size, some marbles and colorful tape.

lazy susan

First, pour your marbles into the pan and place the other pan on the top then make your first spin.

organize 6

Decorate the pan by designing it with colorful washy tapes.

organize 7


2. Organize your craft supplies at home by using empty glass container, a sticker tag and chalk marker.

organize 9

organize 8

3. Make your own containers for your school supplies like pens, scissorts etc. Use empty tin cans and wrapped them in some scrap book paper or fabric to make them look stylish and beautiful.

organize 11

organize 10

4. Use a magnetic strip and color it using a spray paint to organize your metal supplies.

organize 12

Watch the full video below courtesy of What’s Up Moms.

Author: John

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