Energy Efficient Under Door Draft Stopper for Standard Door

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Under Door Draft Stopper – 37 inches 1.4 pounds to Block Hot or Cold Air + Bonus Storage Bag (Brown) –

* SAVE MONEY – Be energy efficient with this under door draft stopper that will block the cold air (or hot air) from entering under your door.
* FITS STANDARD DOORS – 37″ length – perfect fit for standard 36″ door. *NOTE*: Works best with doors that are flush to the ground (like product description picture) and not “raised”. If your door looks like the picture, then it will fit perfectly.
* HEAVY & DURABLE – Each door draft guard for under door weighs 1.4 lbs made with heavy duty cloth covering, extremely durable and long lasting.

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Order now and get a free Bonus storage bag to discreetly put away draft door stopper when not in use!

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Author: John

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