Five Convenient Uses for a Rubber Door Stop

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The rubber door stop like from SuperiorMakerRubber Door Stop functions by creating resistance between the floor and the bottom of the door which prevents the door from moving. Many people use the rubber door stop to hold doors open in a convenient position such as for allowing pets to move from one room to the other, allowing fresh air to pass through the room, allowing ease of entry for small children or elderly or making it convenient for persons whose hands are occupied to enter the room easily.

Below are five great ways that a rubber door stop also can be used outside of holding a door open:

Paperweight- a home office is most likely where one would see this handy use of the rubber door stop. It easily fits in with the rest of the office equipment as it is very discrete in design and it neatly functions to prevent the disturbance of paperwork by breezes and even the movement of other items on a desk. Even though this is not its intended purpose, the rubber door stop from SuperiorMaker forms the function of paper weight as if that is what it was intended for.

Security- placing a rubber door stop just a short distance behind a closed door, just enough for a person upon opening the door to see who is outside but not enough for the person on the outside to put anybody part in the room, provides an interim security feature. The person on the outside will not be able to easily push the door further than the door stop and the person on the inside won’t have to worry about an intruder being able to immediately gain entry.

Wheel Block- rubber door stop can be used as a wheel block for small wheels like those on beds. You can basically use the rubber door stops to prevent roll-aways. This is a good use of the rubber door stops especially if the wheel locks are damaged. The size and convenience of rubber door stops make them easy to carry around and also make them very discrete. This makes them an ideal temporary replacement for damaged wheel locks. 

Laptop/Tablet Risers- for the convenience of typing comfortably, reading or watching a movie on your laptop you may require it to be set at a certain angle, rubber door stops provide this convenience. Because of the shape one may find that it gives the desired effect that actual risers provide. This usefulness is especially convenient for persons using their machine to make a presentation, reading the instructions to do an experiment or making a recipe.

To unlock your locked car- many persons have locked their keys in their car, and for the record some have made a habit of it and desperately seek the remedy to their recurring situation. If you know what you are doing the combination of a suitable metal rod and a rubber door stop can sometimes solve this problem. The shape of the rubber door stop allows one to use it to pry a space open in the window hopefully without damaging it. The texture allows it to be wedged in the window holding it open so that the metal rod can then be pushed in to try and unlock the door mechanism.

Author: John

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