Flameless Candles Vs Traditional Candles

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Candles are such an integral part of our lives, we use them without thinking twice. Yet, one of the first rules to using traditional candles, is that they should never be used without supervision. The reason for that is because they rank highly on the list for fire hazards. Even with this in mind, billions of candles are sold every year and is still expected to continue for years to come. Especially when it is possible to finally get the charm and elegance of candles without the serious risks that they present. Yes, that is now all possible with flameless candles.

Flameless Candles

Flameless candles or LED candles are the new modern versions of traditional candles and tea lights. By virtue of their description, a logical question would be: how do they produce light without a flame? Well, not having a flame does not mean that they can’t produce a similar light to traditional candles; far from it. You see, flameless candles produce light by way of tiny LED lamps which are designed to not only look like regular candles but also flicker in a similar manner. So, what are the differences between flameless and traditional, flamed candles, and what benefits do they represent?

No Longer a Fire Hazard

That’s right, using flameless candles means that you can use a candle that do not present the risk of burning your house down or accidentally setting fire to your favorite tablecloth or curtain. No longer does one have to worry about supervising the light for every second to ensure that there are no fiery mishaps. This is especially significant since a fire can start in just a few seconds and quickly destroy much of what took a long time to build or accomplish. Additionally, one can have their romantic dinner and other events without having to worry about the candle and what could happen; plus flameless candles make it possible for the lights to be left in the presence of kids and pets without having to worry about them starting fires and/or harming themselves.

Flameless Candles

Flameless Candles will Save You Money

To begin with, flameless candles, including LED tea lights, are about the same cost as traditional candle products. However, the flameless versions are way more cost effective, saving money on future uses. This is because, for one, they are entirely reusable and secondly, their light and power sources take much longer to be used up. A typical candle or tea light made from paraffin wax will last around 5 hours and when it’s all done, new products will have to be bought. Compare that to flameless LED candles and tea lights whose LED lamps can burn for up to 200,000 hours. In addition to that, the lamps can be replaced without having to purchase entirely new lights.

They Won’t Cause a Mess

Candle wax can be quite messy to deal with as it clings to almost any material it is dripped on and dries rather quickly. Traditional candles drip wax easily as they burn to produce light and this wax can get on tablecloths, floors, clothes…even in human hair (yikes!). It takes a lot of work to clean such spills but with flameless LED candles, such concerns are a thing of the past. The only mess one has to contend with when it comes on to these modern upgrades is possibly the packaging that they arrive in and this can be easily discarded. Apart from that, flameless LED candles and tea lights could be looked at as being mess-free as they won’t leave any form of residue or by products during or after use, making them stress free candles.

Flameless Candles Have More Uses and Applications

Imagine placing a traditional candle or tea light with a lit flame inside a paper bag to make a paper lantern or placing it under a cloth to give a gentle, muted lighting effect. You wouldn’t do that, right? Not unless you’re asking for trouble. However, while it would be madness to attempt such feats with regular candle products, those ideas and more are entirely possible with flameless LED candles and tea lights. In other words, all the places where you would never dream of using a traditional candle and all the things that would be impractical to do with them can all be realized with modern flameless candles without any risk of fire, spills, drips or damage.

Flameless Candles

They are More Fun

Flameless LED candles are much more fun to work with and that is a fact. Whether using them for decorative purposes, mood lighting or general lighting purposes, these modern candles encourage creativity and imagination, resulting in endless possibilities when trying to achieve a particular look and feel. Their versatility and safety features also mean that, unlike flamed, traditional candles, children can participate in using them too.

Apart from sentimentalism, there is very little argument when comparing modern flameless LED candles and tea lights with the traditional versions. This, as they not only match and exceed tradition in all departments, they present other possibilities that were not there before.

Author: John

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