Home Maintenance Tips to Improve Your Property

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Part of owning a home is taking care of home maintenance tasks. This not only keeps your home safe, it will also help to improve the re-sale value of your property to improve the exit cap rate of your home.
There are a number of home maintenance tasks that should be completed each year, or as needed, to ensure the value of your home. These tasks are typically not very difficult to complete by yourself. Keep your home from falling apart by following these home maintenance tips.

Start Your Home Maintenance Outside
In early spring and again before winter comes, inspect the exterior of your home to check for signs of damage from weather and other elements. Some of the areas to examine include your gutters, roof, windows, and landscaping.
Start by examining your gutters. If they are damaged, rain water has difficulty being dispersed away from the foundation of your home. This can lead to water in the basement. Clean your gutters and then check to see if they are bent and ensure that water can pass from the gutters to the downspouts. While you are up along the sides of your house, inspect your roof as well. Look for shingles that are starting to fall off or have been removed by the weather. If you have enough shingles that are missing or falling apart, you can get water damage in your upper floors.

Other areas on the outside of your home to inspect are your windows and doors. Examine your windows and doors, looking for any signs of wear along the edges. If you need to replace any doors or windows, you should do so before winter starts.

14138113499_2a1c00b1b1_bNext, take a look at your landscaping. Remove any wood that is being stored along the side of your home. Wood that is left for a long period of time can attract termites. Also, inspect the ground along the foundation of your home. If the ground appears to be depressed, then consider adding additional soil or rock to build up the area along the foundation of your home. This will help prevent water from seeping into your basement. Any concrete that is in a high traffic area of your yard should be checked for cracks. These cracks can expand during cold seasons. Also check for similar cracks in the walls. The cracks in walls can not only be an eye sore, but they can develop into a dangerous hazard. A crack in a property that gets bigger can eventually penetrate through the wall, thus weakening it to lead an unstable property structure. You can learn to spot such weakened and potentially dangerous structures in a property here.

Indoor Home Maintenance
After you have taken care of your home maintenance on the outside of your home, it is time for indoor home care. Before winter begins, replace the filter in your furnace. If you do not already have a carbon monoxide detector, purchase on and place it in your basement.

Typically, the first sign that you have a faulty furnace is when it begins leaking carbon monoxide. Since carbon monoxide can be deadly and carries no odor, having a carbon monoxide detector will help keep your family safe.
All of these home maintenance tasks are fairly easy to complete, which means that there is no excuse for skipping them. Home maintenance is not only important for keeping your home in good shape, it is also important for the safety of your family.

Author: John

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