How Heat Resistant Oven Gloves with Fingers Different From Other Cooking Gloves?

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Oven Gloves With FingersThe amazing features of the Silicone Glove undoubtedly set it apart from the other cooking gloves available. Chefs, caterers and homemakers alike will particularly find its heat resistant capabilities very appealing in providing the ultimate heat and flame protection up to an incredible 480 degrees. This is attributed to the fiber properties Kelvar and Dupont that are commonly used in aerospace and military applications, which is testimony of the success of this feature.

Unlike the other Kitchen Ezentials oven gloves with fingers with the basic two compartments with limited room for all fingers, the Silicone Gloves is built with a five finger design. This enables improved flexibility and increased grip control when lifting hot heavy pots, pans, baking dishes and even oven or barbecue grills. It therefore comes as no surprise that with this five finger design, clumsiness and accidents will be reduced around the kitchen, hence no spills translates to no burns. Silicone grip, which is an added bonus, is also found on both sides of the cooking gloves that increases your grip control over hot heavy kitchenware.

Another unique feature of the Silicone Glove is the extra length when compared to other cooking gloves. This ensures the forearm is protected in the event you have to reach way inside the oven to either check on things periodically while they are being prepared. Here again we see the benefit of the oven gloves with fingers capability.

Author: John

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