How To Use Silicone Spatula in Different Ways

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Silicone SpatulaMost people want a spatula that can function effectively during various cooking or baking tasks. There are different types. There are the metallic spatulas, the wooden-handled spatulas, spatulas that are conjoined pieces of plastic, wood and plastic or two different types of plastic. The silicone spatula has been counted the best by far of all the different types.

Most persons prefer the all-in-one silicone spatula because of the varied ways for which it may be used. The experienced cook or chef understands the need for this kitchen apparatus as they bake, boil, create stews, steam and fry to create the most palatable dish for hungry friends, relatives and family members.

The silicone spatula may be a favorite because of its heat resistant quality that is able to withstand high temperatures, up 450F. This quality allows the cook or the chef the freedom to use the silicone spatulas as stirrers of soups, chowders, gravies and stews. Those who are bakers adeptly use the spatula to fold the dough. That usually takes place with our breads and other baked items. The dry ingredients are portioned out according to the recipe and then the wet ingredients added.

The baker then reaches for the silicone spatula and folds the ingredients together ensuring in his movements to incorporate air into the batter. Some would even venture to say that ‘the over and under method’, where there is a slight turning of the wrist moving the silicone spatula at first in a circular motion, then bringing the spatula into the batter at an angle. The spatula gently lifts the batter, while still moving the wrist in a circular motion to the place at which the movement started originally. The process is repeated, until the dough comes together, where the movements of the hands are now more deliberate.

Silicone spatulas by Pace Kitchenware are also used to clean bowls of the batter in which it was contained. The flat rubbery head makes it act as a squeegee, cleaning the surface of the bowl without leaving traces of the batter. The spatulas also clean the sides of pots with the same operation described above.

The silicone spatulas are also very helpful in taking jams out of jars. The functionality of the spatula head allows for flexibility to bend and reach those areas of the jar inaccessible to forks, spoons and even knives. As it does so, the same squeegee effect is observed, ensuring there is no waste and even making the jar almost clean enough for re-use.

Dough is flattened by the silicone spatulas with pressure being concentrated and applied towards the head of the spatula, which is repeated until the desired consistency is attained.

The silicone spatula is heat resistant, flexible and durable, and may be used for a number of purposes, from scraping, to stirring, from mixing to flattening those items on their way to becoming a festive meal or desert, as the case may be.

Author: John

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