Infusion Water Bottle Tumbler

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TumblerI am not a fan of drinking a lot of water. My doctor often tells me that I need to start drinking more, but to be honest, I am addicted to sweet foods, and the fact that water itself does not have any taste is a major turn off. For my own benefit however, I have been trying to drink more water. It was hard, until a friend introduced me to the Infusion Water Bottle Tumbler by Savvy Infusion. With this water tumbler, I can make my own healthy flavored water, and seeing that I love fruits, I get to try various fruit combos while still getting the amount of water I need daily to stay healthy and hydrated.

The water tumbler has proven to be a wonderful addition to my life. I eliminated soda from my diet. I no longer feel the need for vitamin water or the urge to buy other flavored waters, because now I simply and easily make my own. This has helped me to save a lot of money. Until now, I did not realize how much I spent daily on all these unhealthy drinks that are filled with nothing but empty carbs and refined sugar. With my water bottle tumbler, all I have to do is choose the fruit or fruits I feel like using that day, dice or cut them, place them in the infuser capsule, add water and I am ready to go.

I love the environment, and advocate for going green and using eco-friendly and safe items. With my tumbler, I actively do just that. The infusion water bottle tumbler is made from eco-friendly, impact resistant Tritan plastic, the bottle is also 100% BPA free. With the use of the tumbler, I have also eliminated the numerous soda and vitamin water bottles I would have to throw away, thus decreasing the amount of garbage I dispose of weekly.

My water bottle tumbler can also insulate both hot and cold liquids, which means I can have my beloved infused mint tea when the time gets really cold. Even more profound is the fact that the bottle prevents external condensation. I can therefore place it in my bag without worrying about the condensed liquid forming on the outside and soaking any of my numerous documents. It also means that unlike before, I no longer need to have a napkin to wipe my hands or my office desk because of the water forming on the outside of the bottles or cups I once used.

The infusion water bottle tumbler is also leak proof, believe me, I have shaken the life out of it just to ensure that it wouldn’t leak. I can therefore place it anywhere or bring it anywhere without worrying about making a mess. Its size also makes it portable and easy to travel with as I can place it in the cup holder in my car, in my water bottle carrier or my lunch bag. I can take it to work, the gym or on the road to ensure that I keep hydrated.

The water bottle tumbler is also re-usable and quite easy to clean (something I did not expect because of the capsule inside). On those days when I am too tired to wash it by hand, I simply place it in the top rack of my dishwasher and I have no problems at all.

The water tumbler also has a very chick and stylish handle, and because I have fallen in love with them, I sent a few to my close friends as gifts. Nothing is cuter than when we are on the road together with our infusion water bottle tumbler. All my children now have their own water bottle tumbler after they fell in love with mine. I would recommend this Infusion Water Bottle Tumbler by Savvy Infusion to anyone.

Author: John

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