Protect Yourself from Electronic Pickpocketing with RFID Wallets

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RFID WalletIf news breaks that a criminal is on the loose in a neighborhood and will hurt anyone who is unprotected, the residents would go on high alert and try to protect themselves. We live in an electronic global community, and we are under siege from criminals – identity thieves. Physical hurt is not the nature of their game. They are after our bank accounts, and therefore deliver devastating financial blows to the victims that are caught unawares.

The technological platform on which credit card swipers and credit card users exists is known as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology. The use of RFID technology drastically reduces the time in which transactions are conducted. It is one of the main drivers behind this fast paced, almost cash free environment, that we now live in, and it will only increase. The tools of interest are RFID enabled objects such as bank cards (which are most modern cards), passports, drivers licenses and RFID scanners. Customers use RFID enabled objects to conduct business at locations equipped with RFID scanners. The credit cards have embedded in them, an RFID chip that contains all your vital information.

So If It’s All So Great, What’s the Problem

RFID technology, although it has greatly enhanced our lives, also exposes us to certain security risks. All that is needed to read a RFID enabled card is an RFID reader, and this can be obtained for less than $100. Now this loophole in the technology is where criminals thrive. They purchase their portable RFID scanners that allows them to simply mill around with other people while the machine collects the information from unprotected cards. This is known as electronic theft or electronic pickpocketing.

Just like you would seek to make your home burglar proof, you need to use certain measures to make your credit cards pickpocket proof. Highly rated anti-theft objects such as the RFID wallet from BRYK offer the type of protection you need from electronic pickpockets. RFID wallets block the electronic waves from even legitimate scanners, making it impossible for the machine to read your credit card unless you remove it from your wallet.

Just like you would take care in purchasing a security camera system for your home, you have to exercise care when purchasing an RFID wallet. Some companies simple produce poor quality wallets and label them as RFID protection wallets. There are certain measures you can take to protect yourself from falling victim to dishonest suppliers and manufacturers. The most effective recommendation we will share with you is that you pay attention to customer reviews. Use the experiences of fellow shoppers as your guide to finding the best RFID wallet. Failure to do so may result in you walking around with a low grade to dummy RFID wallet, thinking your credit cards are protected, when in fact they are not.

The RFID wallet from BRYK holds up to seven credit cards, and it latches safely and securely when not in use. As customer reviews on its product page reveals, it provides great RFID protection from scanning criminals, as the card remains inactive once its in the wallet.


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