Protecting Your Passport & Credit Cards with RFID Blocking Sleeve

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RFID Blocking SleeveTechnology is that amazing yet complex part of our lives that advances our existence, while at the same time exposing us to various risks. The swipe and go technology that affords us the ease of banking on the go is a great example of the two-fold effects of technology. It solves one problem, only to create another that send innovators scrambling for yet another solution.

The use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips in modern passports, credit cards and drivers licenses is the technology that allows us to swipe and go. The same technology is used effectively at toll booths where drivers with the prepaid tag can drive up to an unmanned booth where a machine processes their vehicle and let them through within just a few seconds.

RFID Chip Swiping and the Solution

The microchips and radio antennas that are embedded into U.S. passports, modern credit cards and some drivers licences, can track your location and send a unique ID number to an RFID reading machine. The ID number is linked to a database that contains your bank account number and personal records. The loophole in all of this is that any unscrupulous individual can get their hands on an electronic reader and swipe your IDs while they’re still in your wallet, briefcase or handbag.

Innovators invented RFID blocking sleeves as the solution to this promblem. RFID-blocking products prevent electronic waves from unauthorized electronic scanners from accessing the chip in your IDs, making it much more difficult for criminals to harvest your information. Many reviewers of one the top selling items on, the RFID blocking sleeves from D-Armor, reveal that their attempts to use their credit cards while it was in the blocker failed. They had to remove it from the case in order to have their transaction processed. That speaks to the effectiveness of the RFID blockers from this company. advises that, “RFID shields built into the covers of U.S. passports provide reasonably good protection, but use sleeves (sold in stores and online) for new driver’s licenses and passport cards used to cross into Canada or Mexico.”

While it is imperative that you take the necessary steps to protect your identity, It is extremely important that you not purchase just any item that is labeled as RFID blocking sleeves. Many manufacturers and suppliers are just as unscrupulous as identity thieves. Their main goal is to realize massive financial gains by taking advantage of a critical need. The items they distribute are inferior and ineffective, offering no protection to users, so choose wisely.

Another bit of good news for credit card users is that while the contactless credit card technology is vulnerable to thieves, “fraud-detection systems and zero-liability policies protect you against financial loss from use of stolen card data” (quoted from


The RFID blocking sleeves from D-Armor are presently being offered at an affordable price, making it possible for customers to get themselves more than one of the blockers. The product is backed by a one year no-hassle guarantee.

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