Simple Tips for Buying a Good Door Stop for Home or Office

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Door StopWhen you need to keep doors propped open during the day, some good door stop by SuperiorMaker are the best choice. You don’t want to do anything that might break the hinges by trying to snap a door into place once it’s open. Also, using something not meant to prop open a door like a rock or book can simply get in the way of foot traffic. These are also typically ineffective, as doors can be very heavy and they easily slide these items out of the way.

Good door stop, however, not only keep doors open but they’re also small and secure and out of the way. They won’t ruin flooring or the doors by scraping them. It’s also good to use them when you want to prop open your doors for any reason. There are a few things you should pay attention to when trying to find the best door stops to buy. This will ensure you get quality pieces that work as promised.

  1. Pay attention to the materials.

Avoid door stop made of metal or plastic or that has metal or plastic around them in any part. This is because these materials scrape the doors and floors and can cause damage and leave marks. Instead, look for those with rubber and only buy stops that are made of all rubber. This will ensure that you don’t leave marks on tile floors or marks on doors either.

Thick rubber will also ensure that these stops do their job. The rubber will grip the floor and keep the door from pushing against it, as it will form a type of seal between the stop and the floor. If you choose stops made of wood or plastic, these will be more slippery and will potentially slide out from under the door or allow it to close.

  1. Choose a larger size stop.

It’s easy to think that a smaller stop is needed for smaller doors but larger door stop are the best choice no matter where you use them. This is because larger stops will be more secure and will keep doors in place better than smaller stops. If you have a smaller stop, it may more readily allow the weight of the door to push against it and in turn, it won’t keep the door in place. Don’t assume that you can choose something small and cheap and keep your doors open. It’s best to opt for something larger so it will work properly.

  1. Choose stops with a rim around the outside.

If you look closely, door stop by SuperiorMaker are flat and have a rim or edge around the outside. That rim helps to keep the stop in place and gives it more security against large, heavy doors. If you want to use your stop for the office or anywhere, choose these. This small feature will make a difference in how secure your stop is and how well it works overall.



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