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Cookie ScoopThe secret to preparing any meal like a professional chef lies in the tools you use. There are tools and gadgets in the kitchen of a professional chef that the home chef may never get to own, but that does not stop the informed cook from taking home cooked meals to another level.

Cupcakes and muffins are two of the easiest and most commonly prepared baked goodies. Some people do well at baking them, others seem to flop most of the time, while a few master the art. Why? What’s the secret?

Common Mistakes People Make When Baking Cupcakes and Muffins

Let’s explore the common mistakes of people make when baking cupcakes and muffins, by starting at the top. When we get to the point of filling cupcake and muffin liners, we will show the huge difference an ergonomic cookie scoop such as the one supplied by Jenaluca makes to the whole process.

  • Using plastic tools and utensils

Some plastics contain petrol, which may prevent the egg whites from frothing and peaking like they should. Use metal or glass bowls and wooden or silicone spatulas instead of plastic.

  • Fail to measure ingredients accurately

There is a science to measuring and combining ingredients, and that should not be ignored. Ingredients must be measured properly using measuring spoons and cups to gain proportions that are more accurate

  • Substituting ingredients based on assumptions

This is a total no no, yet so many do it. Once again, there’s a science behind the combination of ingredients in a recipe. Substituting one for the other because you figure they have similar functional qualities, can spoil the entire recipe. One common example is the subscription of baking powder with baking soda.

  • Not sifting the flour

Sifting helps to prevent clumping, so you’ll end up with a lump-free cake. It also helps the batter to rise evenly while it is cooking.

  • Over mixing the dough/batter

Yet another common mistake people make. Mix, beat, and knead your batter or dough with care, as over mixing causes the gluten in the flour to develop, leaving you with a chewy, cracked, or tough end product. Simply mix the ingredients until they’re just combined.

  • Overfilling or uneven filling of the liners

Overfilling your cupcake or muffin liners leads to spilling as the batter rises during cooking. The result is one big mess that could have been avoided if a cookie dough was used to evenly fill each liner. Under filling the liners would result in smaller, stunted looking cupcakes.

Kitchen scoops are some of the coolest multi functional gadgets for any kitchen. Jenaluca’s cookie scoop are nicely packaged, and make great wedding, anniversary or even housewarming gifts.

Author: John

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