Three Major Benefits to Using BPA-Free Silicone Baking Cups

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Silicone Baking CupsInstead of tin muffin pans and paper cupcake liners, many people prefer to use silicone baking cups. Their reasons vary from taking a personal stand in preventing further use of paper products, to saving money in buying additional baking molds for making large batches of cupcakes, muffins, Yorkshire puddings, quiches, and other pastries. Because they’ve been tested and certified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as free from bisphenol A or BPA, these silicone baking cups are also safe to use in baking, cooking and freezing food for the whole family.

1. Save money from purchasing an additional batch of baking molds.

If you’re planning to make batches of cupcakes and muffins for a children’s party, then you may reuse the Galley Essentials silicone baking cups as soon as you pop the pastries from their molds. They cool down quickly once they’ve been removed from the oven. Make sure the cupcakes or muffins have cooled before pressing the bottom of the cups and peeling off the sides.

2. Keep your family healthy and safe from plastic chemicals.

Although metal cookware remains the standard tool for baking and cooking, silicone is also fast becoming the preferred material for less expensive equipment. Unlike plastic, silicone bakeware doesn’t leach hormone-disrupting substances, such as bisphenol-A or more commonly known as BPA. Aside from cooking, baking and freezing food in BPA-free silicone, you can also store leftovers or serve your treats in these baking cups.

3. Save the trees and reduce your carbon footprint.

You’re not only cutting down your household expenses and keeping your family safe from harm when you use silicone baking cups. You also help preserve the planet’s ecological balance. Although using paper as muffin and cupcake liners is as safe as using BPA-free silicone, they are a finite source, which means you can’t reuse them and you’ll need to keep buying new ones for future use. Silicone baking cups by Galley Essentials are reusable and they don’t present a threat to the world’s environmental health.

Moreover, silicone bakeware lasts up to 20 years in storage, and it doesn’t lose its elasticity and firmness quickly. It can withstand extreme heat or cold, and resist much of the physically abrasive treatment it receives throughout its lifetime.  It keeps its flexibility so it continues to work for easy removal for cupcakes and muffins.  Unlike tin pans, silicone doesn’t rust or lose its non-stick coating.

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