Top 5 Kitchen Hacks

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Here’s a simple kitchen tips and tricks to make cooking that little bit easier. Useful life hacks for the kitchen, to save a life!


To label you hot chili paper, transfer your it from the sachet you’ve bought to a clean container you have at home. Cut the name on the box and paste the cut name on the container and use a tape to stick it.


If your gas stove is not working properly, when pressing the ignition, one of the safest way is to get a piece of pasta. Light it, using lighting materials or from your other stove, transfer the flame to the stove that doesn’t light properly and open the gas.


Third, get 2 old water bottles or any bottles that are not in use. Cut the upper part of it using a knife.


Make sure it look like this, then you can use it as a DIY container for pasta and rice.




Fourth, use a cloth hanger to clip your recipe book while cooking. It will help you stuck on the page you’re following,  and help your book remains clean.


Lastly, if you’re boiling something in an open pot. Place a wooden spoon at the top to stop the water/bubbles to overflow.

That’s it. 5 Kitchen Hacks that you can use for the your everyday life, for the rest of your life. Click here to watch the full video.

Author: John

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