Water Absorber: The Latest Must-Have Home Improvement Item

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Water AbsorberMaking home improvement purchases soon? What’s on your list? Maybe you have a number of decorative items, tools and plumbing accessories in mind or maybe even paint. Whatever you have in mind, one item that you should consider adding is a water absorbent kit.

A water absorbent kit is made up of hurricane socks and/or water absorbing pads that can soak up gallons of water. They are made of special poly material, which can absorb a great deal of water in the event of water seepage during rain, hurricanes or leaking pipes. By doing this, they will help to save your furniture, doors, floors, walls and appliances from water damage. In short, they help to protect your investments.

With the weather becoming more unpredictable year on year and hurricanes becoming more prevalent as a result of climate change, water getting into homes and offices is a regular occurrence. Water damage can result in significant financial loss as damaged possessions and infrastructure may need to be replaced. Using a suitable water absorber will help to keep your home dry and prevent unnecessary spending. That’s more than enough reason to invest in a water absorbent kit but if you are not convinced, here are a few reasons why you should:

  • Sucking up excess water: No matter how well-built your abode is, water is bound to find a way to get in. Crevices and cracks around doors and windows, no matter how tiny, may let in water from torrential rain, storms and rising water, which will accumulate. This water will get into your carpets or other moisture absorbing material and if it sits too long on your hardwood floor, it may eventually cause damage. Additionally, drywall can become waterlogged and once that happens, will need to be replaced. A water absorbing kit will allow you to soak up that excess water and prevent all the eventualities that may occur.
  • To save money: Depending on how much water damage you sustain, replacing rugs, furniture, flooring and drywall can run into thousands of dollars. Additionally, repainting and redecorating costs can add significantly more money to how much you need to spend in order to reclaim your once pristine living space. Hurricane socks and water absorbent pads will help to prevent you from spending unnecessarily by protecting all your possessions from the ravages of excess water. If you think about it, they will pay for themselves in a relatively short period of time based on the amount of money they will be preventing you from spending on replacements.
  • For emergency leaks: Burst pipes, leaking washing machine hoses, overflowing toilets and other mishaps can result in water flooding your apartment or house. A handy water absorbent kit may be of use in helping you to soak up excess water until you can get the situation under control.
  • As a preventative measure: There is a common saying that prevention is better than finding a cure. The same goes for stocking up on high quality water absorbers. The truth is, you just never know when the next weather system will strike and even if you do not live in a hurricane-prone area, you still have to worry about prolonged rain, flash floods and freak storms. Investing in one or more water absorbing kits can go a long way in keeping you and your possessions dry.

As you can see, there are very valid reasons to get your hands on high quality water absorbers. If you are wondering where to find them, you don’t have to look too far. Cleanup Stuff has released a water absorber set, which is currently available on shopping portal, Amazon. The set consists of two water absorbing hurricane socks and four water absorbing Sooker (pronounced soaker) Pads, which altogether can absorb a whopping five gallons of water. The best part is that they are all washable and reusable, so you will have them for a long time. Go ahead and check them out.

Author: John

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