Why are Silicone Oven Mitts the Safest Cooking Gloves to Use?

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Learn the why Silicone Oven Mitts is the safest cooking gloves to use.

Mitts cover your hands and forearms up to that spot below your elbows. Unlike pot holders, which only protect your palms from the intense heat coming from the handle of the pot or pan, a pair of oven mitts shields your upper limbs from the burning steam or extremely high temperature. This kind of heat may come from a boiling pot of soup, an open roasting pit, the glowing embers of a charcoal grill, or the heating elements inside an oven. Sometimes, a very low temperature can also cause minor frostbite, especially when there’s direct skin contact with a surface covered in frost or ice.

Silicone Oven Mitts the Safest Cooking Gloves

While silicone oven mitts have been approved for use with food handling and storage by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, they’re also relied upon by professional chefs and home cooking enthusiasts for safety and kitchen fire prevention purposes. Silicone mitts also take longer to react chemically to fire than fabric and foam. However, they eventually melt when directly exposed to a burning flame after a while.

These qualities are exactly the reasons why silicone oven mitts are much safer to use in the kitchen rather than a bunch of cheap pot holders. Instead of saving your money, why don’t you save your life and property by investing in a pair of durable mitts?

Silicone Oven Mitts the Safest Cooking Gloves

Contrary to general misgivings of some fans of pot holders, the soft rubber lets you bend and twist your wrists and fingers whichever way you want. The gloves are also comfortable to wear because of the soft inner lining that’s made of cotton fabric. You can turn it inside out for easy washing and drying. You may throw the silicone oven mitts from Life Quintessentials into the dishwasher for convenience and you don’t have to worry about tearing the material apart.

What’s more, the silicone mitts won’t leak harmful chemicals into your food or let those substances get absorbed by your skin. Because they’re approved by the FDA, these cooking gloves have been tested and certified as safe for use in the kitchen and for direct contact with humans.

Silicone Oven Mitts the Safest Cooking Gloves

Plus, they’re likely to last longer than fabric mitts and pot holders. They don’t easily succumb to wear-and-tear. They don’t absorb excess grease or retain odors and stains. You can leave them close to an open flame and they won’t burst into flames so suddenly unlike kitchen gear made of combustible materials, such fabric and foam.

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