Why You Should be Using Brass Grill Brush to Clean Your Grills

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brass grill brushEverybody enjoys festive barbecue grill parties now and again.  If you’re like me, you probably grill your sausages and bacon at odd hours of the day just because you just love grilled food!

For me, everything tastes better when I grill it; my turkey, chicken, shrimp, sausage, vegetables, everything.  Grilling can be absolutely fun and amazing.  You only need to ensure that when you are grilling extra precautions are taken since we’re dealing with open flames.   When you’re grilling ensure that you use gloves that can handle the heat and the proper utensils.  You never go wrong when you have the right gear!

Now, most of you will agree that least fun part about barbecuing and grilling is perhaps cleaning up afterwards.  Unfortunately, it is a very important part of the grilling experience.  It was a scare for me when I just started out but I have found that all you need is the right tool that makes the job much easier for you.  So, I’ve found that once you have a grill brush that is designed to reach into the crevices and creases of the grills, cleaning is just a breeze.

In the same way in which we wash our pots and pans whenever we prepare our food, barbecue grills should be cleaned after each use.  In order to tackle this task, you need to have a good quality heavy duty brass grill brush like the Do-Be Products Brass Grill Brush.

Cleaning with a brush like this makes cleaning the grill a lot safer.  If you clean your grill while it is warm it makes the cleaning much easier, plus that’s the standard logic.  The brush is designed with a long handle that protects the hand from getting to close to the hot grill.  By just dipping the brush the brush in a bucket of water, you can use a brass grill brush to reach to the very back of the grill, along the corners and along the side of the grill.  The handle is made of plastic that will not transfer heat from the grill to your hand.

If you prefer to clean your grill when it is a little bit on the cool side, the Do-Be grill still does a pretty good job.  Misting the hot grill or dipping the brush in water just makes the task a bit easier.

Cleaning the grill helps to remove food particles and messes that are left on the grill when it is used.  If these particles are left on the grill, bacteria and parasites can live on the grill until the next time you pull out your grill to use it.  Some harmful bacteria can withstand heat and can end up back on the food you’re grilling the next time around.  A thorough cleaning is essential for removing harmful bacteria and preventing build-ups of parasitic bacteria that can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, and other complications.

Some grill brushes can be dangerous in the long run, like those with a steel or wired bristle.  Most persons could attest to using wired bristles for cleaning their barbecue grill once in their life.  But, these brushes proved to be dangerous when recently a guy ended up in the hospital with a bristle stuck in his throat.    Do-Be grill brushes are made with woven brass bristles so that they will not separate from the brush during use.  The brass bristles of the t-shaped head grill brush reach into places where the regular block shaped grill brushes cannot get to.   In my point of view it is best to invest in a good quality brash bristle grill brush– for health’s sake.

Since I have switched, I have found that using brass grill brush from Do-Be Products is more efficient and less time consuming.  The design of the brush makes it very easy to reach hard to reach areas and get rid of all the mess that would have been hard to remove otherwise.  Plus, the surface area of the brush is so large that it covers a great area of the grill at a time.  This of course lessens the length of time I would spend cleaning.  But, by far one of my favourite thing about this specific grill brush is how hard it is on the stains and how gentle it is on my grill.  My favourite grill has a kind of enamel finish and the brush does not scrape the sides.

Like a utensil used for grilling, the grill brush used for cleaning the grill also requires cleaning.  I would recommend that you rinse the brush thoroughly with hot water immediately after cleaning the grill, to get rid of the grease easily and to eliminate the build-up of any harmful bacteria.  Put it this way, you can’t clean something with a dirty tool – that really defeats the purpose of cleaning.

Author: John

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